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Kamen Rider OOO

Tatoba Combo


  • Height: 194 cm.
  • Weight: 86 kg.
Ability Perimeters:
  • Punching power: 4.5 t.
  • Kicking power: 12 t.
  • Maximum jump height: 190 m.
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 4.5 sec.
Tatoba Combo (タトバコンボ, Tatoba Konbo), known as the "Multi Combo" (複数コンボ, Fukusū Konbo), is the main combination that is always used by Kamen Rider OOO using the Taka, Tora & Batta Core Medals. As Tatoba Combo, OOO is armed with the Tora Claw gauntlets, and can transform his legs into Batta Legs to reach enemies that are out of his reach, such as ones that can fly. He can execute a Rider Kick called the Tatoba Kick (タトバキック, Tatoba Kikku), where after jumping high up through the Batta Legs, he descends with a drop kick through the three rings that form, which are in the primary colors of the Taka, Tora, and Batta Medals which surround him in auras depending on the Core Medals. After passing through the red ring representing the Taka Medal, he is surrounded in a red veil with wings, the yellow ring representing the Tora Medal gives an aura with claws, while the green ring representing the Batta Medal gives an aura with legs. Like True Tatoba Combo, original Tatoba also can dual-wield the Medajalibur and the Medagabryu, as seen in The Shogun and 21 Core Medals.

Gatakiriba Combo

  • Rider Height: 204 cm.
  • Rider Weight: 93 kg.
Ability Perimeters:
  • Punching Power: 4 t.
  • Kicking Power: 12 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 200 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 5.2 sec.
Gatakiriba Combo (ガタキリバコンボ, Gatakiriba Konbo), also known as the Strongest Combo (最強コンボ, Saikyō Konbo), is Kamen Rider OOO's green combination, using the powers of Uva's Core Medals: the Kuwagata, Kamakiri and Batta Medals. As the Gatakiriba Combo, OOO can create massive numbers of duplicates of himself known as the Branch Shade (ブレンチシェイド, Burenchi Sheido), use the Kamakiri Swords, and jump high up with the Batta Legs. This Combo's Scanning Charge finisher is the Gatakiriba Kick (ガタキリバキック, Gatakiriba Kikku), where after splitting into several duplicates, OOO jumps into the air and performs a series of flying sidekicks on the target. However, Eiji claims it is extremely difficult to revert back to being just a single OOO so that he can cancel the transformation.
In the Movie, OOO used the Gatakiriba Combo's Branch Shade ability to duplicate himself, then all but the original switched their medals to make the OOO Combo Clones.

Latorartar Combo

  • Rider Height: 200 cm.
  • Rider Weight: 89 kg.
Ability Perimeters:
  • Punching Power: 4.5 t.
  • Kicking Power: 9 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 80 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 0.222 milliseconds
Latorartar Combo (ライトラーターコンボ, Raitorātā Konbo), also known as the "Scorching Combo" (灼熱コンボ, Shakunetsu Konbo), is a pure yellow form when all three of Kazari's Core Medals are used: the Lion, Tora and Cheetah Medals. As the Latorartar Combo, OOO can emit an infrared light called the Liodias (ライオディアス,Raiodiasu), which is intense enough to incinerate, use the Tora Claws, and run at high speeds. The Cheetah Legs also enable Latorartar Combo to perform the Revol Spin Kick (リボルスピンキック, Riboru Supin Kikku). This Combo's Scanning Charge finisher is the Gush Cross (ガッシュクロス, Gasshu Kurosu), which projects three yellow rings in front of OOO before charging through them with the Cheetah Medal's speed before delievering a cross slash on the target with the Tora Claws infused with the Lion Medal's energy projection. The name of this Combo has been variably written as "Latorartah" and "Latoratar" in various print materials.

Sagohzo Combo


  • Rider Height: 205cm
  • Rider Weight: 110kg
Ablity Perimeters:
  • Punching Power: 8t
  • Kicking power: 10.5t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 55m
  • Maximum Running Speed:100m/6.5s
Sagohzo Combo (サゴーゾコンボ, Sagōzo Konbo), also known as the "Gravity Combo" (重力コンボ, Jūryoku Konbo), is a pure grey form when all three of Gamel's Core Medals are used: the Sai, Gorilla, and Zou Medals. In this Combo, OOO gains superhuman strength and gravity manipulation as well the ability to perform strong headbutts through the Sai Head, able to perform the Bagoon Pressure (バゴーンプレッシャー Bagōn Puresshā) attack, where the Gori Bagoon gauntlets are launched from his arms and also create powerful shockwaves by banging his chest through the Gorilla Arms, and cause minor earthquakes with the Zou Legs including a powerful drop attack called the Zuo Stomp (ズオーストンプ, Zuō Sutonpu). This Combo's Scanning Charge finisher is Sagohzo Impact (サゴーゾインパクト, Sagōzo Inpakuto), where Sagohzo Combo jumps in the air and does a powerful stomp which trapping a Yummy in the ground then the ground moves toward OOO where he delivers a powerful double handed punch and headbutt at the same time. The damaged ground reforms after the Scanning Charge.

Tajadol Combo

  • Length: 198 cm
  • Weight: 87 kg
Ability Perimeters:
  • Punching power: 6.5t
  • Kicking power: 15t
    • Prominence Drop: 150t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 160m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100m/4s
Tajadol Combo (タジャドルコンボ, Tajadoru Konbo), also known as the "Blazing Combo" (炎のコンボ, Honō no Konbo), is Kamen Rider OOO's red combination, using the powers of Ankh's Core Medals: the Taka, Kujaku and Condol. This combo's primary motif is the Phoenix, often called the king of birds and is a mix of different kinds of birds. In this form, the Taka Head becomes the Taka Head Brave, with the eyes becoming red rather than the usual green, wings protrude from the Taka Head, and the hawk head symbol on the forehead becomes more prominant. As Tajadol Combo, Kamen Rider OOO can see far distances, create energy peacock tail feathers to direct at opponents, use the Kujaku Wings to fly and project core medal like energy at it's opponents, and use the talon-like attachments of the Condor Legs. This form is armed with the Taja Spinner that can fire orbs of energy at it's opponent. It can also hold a number of Core Medals, enabling him to preform the Giga Scan (ギガスキャン, Giga Sukyan) attack. This Combo's Scanning Charge finisher is the Prominence Drop (プロミネンスドロップ, Purominensu Doroppu), where after sprouting wings from the Kujaku Arms, Kamen Rider OOO flies into the air and performs a flying drop kick, with the talons on the Condol Legs splitting apart, on the target. This Combo's debut was in Movie War Core where OOO uses this Combo to finish Kamen Rider Core alongside Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker Gold Xtreme. It first appeared in the series in episode 20 to fight the Lion-Kurage Yummy. Due to being the Super Combo, it's more powerful than the other combos but also more taxing on Eiji to the point that prolonged use will cause him to collapse even before canceling the transformation.
  • During the final battle, Ankh gives Eiji the last Kujaku and Condol Medals as well as the last Taka Medal that contains Ankh's consiousness, that was shattering, in order to fight Maki in his Greeed form. When Eiji transforms into Tajadol Combo, Ankh's voice announces the name of the Medals instead of the usual O Scanner voice. Ankh's conciousness fights alongside Kamen Rider OOO and performs a descisive Giga Scan attack using two sets of the Purple Core Medals.
"Tajyadol" appears in printed materials regarding this Combo.

Ooo360a.jpgShauta Combo

  • Length: 203cm
  • Weight: 88 kg
Ability Perimeters:
  • Punching power: 3.5t
  • Kicking power: 8t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 75m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100m/6s
Shauta Combo (シャウタコンボ, Shauta Konbo), also known as the "Marine Combo" (海のコンボ, Umi no Konbo), is Kamen Rider OOO's blue combination, using the powers of Mezool's Core Medals: Shachi, Unagi & Tako. As Shauta Combo, Kamen Rider OOO excels in underwater combat, and gains the ability to liquefy his body like Kamen Rider BLACK RX as the Bio Rider. It is armed with the Denki Unagi Whips which enable electrically charged attacks, the most powerful being the Voltarm Whip (ボルタームウィップ Borutāmu Wippu). The Tako Legs allow Shauta Combo to climb walls with their suction cup-like abilities and can split apart for a barrage of hits. This Combo's Scanning Charge is the Octo Banish (オクトバニッシュ, Okuto Banisshu) Rider Kick where OOO liquefies his lower body to propel himself upward, then use the Unagi Whips to drag the opponent upward while OOO goes back down using the Octo Legs to form a drill to burst through the opponent.

Tamashii Combo


  • Length: ? cm
  • Weight: ? kg
Ability Perimeters:
  • Punching power: 8.8 tons
  • Kicking power: 18 tons
  • Maximum Jump Height: 280 meters
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100m per 3.9s
  • Special Attack: Tamashii Bomber (1000 tons)
Tamashii Combo also known as the "Soul Combo" (魂のコンボ, Tamashii no Konbo) and the "Monster Combo" (怪人コンボ, Kaijin Konbo) is an exclusive Combo from OOO, Den-O, All Riders. This Combo is made up of the Taka, Imagin & Shocker Core Medals. This Combo's Scanning Charge is the Tamashii Bomber, which OOO executes by first gathering energy between his hands, which changes to the symbol of the Shocker Medal. He then launches the symbol at his opponent, and the symbol attaches itself to the chest of the opponent, and as it does, OOO gathers energy in either hand, which form the Taka and Imagin Medal symbols, respectivley, and then launches them at the opponent. The three symbols then merge into the symbol of the Tamashii combo and then exploded. Tamashii Combo are only appeared in the film as Kamen Rider OOO uses this Combo only once before it's lost when the Shocker Medal are disappeared while the Imagin Medal reverted back into Momotaros at the end of the film.

Putotyra Combo


  • Length: 205 cm.
  • Weight: 95 kg.
Ability Perimeters:
  • Punching power: 10.5 tons
  • Kicking power: 20 tons
  • Maximum Jump Height: 210 meters.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100m per 3.3 sec.
  • Special Attack: Ground of Rage (170 tons), Strain Doom (200 tons) Blasting Freezer (150 tons)
Putotyra Combo also known as the "Invincible Combo" (無敵のコンボ, Muteki no Konbo), is Kamen Rider OOO's purple combination. Paring up with the famed Tajadol Combo, Putotyra is easily one of the most powerful combos but it will slowly turn him into a mindless beast if he stays in the Combo for too long until recently when Kamen Rider OOO managed to gain control of the Purple Cores (if barely) but he still suffers from the physical strain resulting from Combo use, and is still at risk of "letting himself go" if he does not consciously keep control. As a result of the purple Medals residing in his body, Eiji is undergoing a process known as "Greeedification", gradually turning him into a Greeed the longer the Medals are inside him. The Putotyra Combo has a power that is capable of destroying or damaging Core Medals. After Eiji gains two more Purple Medals, he can access this from in the usual way or straight into Putotyra while in Greeed form.
Unlike the other combos, the Putotyra Combo causes most of the OOO armor to become white and cannot form a mix and match with the other Core Medals as the purple Medals are made in nature as the antithesis of desire negating the power of the other Core Medals and it is announced by the call "Putotyrannosaurus" (プトティラノザウルス, Putotiranozaurusu) rather than just its name "Putotyra".
This combo consists of the Dinosaur Core Medals: the Ptera, Torikera, and Tyranno Medals. Also this combo has its own weapon, called the Medagabryu Axe. Putotera also comes with the weapons of the Torikera Shoulders, the "Wind Stinger" horns, which can stretch into various lengths according to Eiji's command; the Tyranno Legs can form a tail that can give off a devastating blow; and the Ptera head enables OOO to fly, as well as to freeze the opponent with a blast of icy air. This Combo's Scanning Charge finisher is the Blasting Freezer (ブラスティングフリーザ, Burasutingu Furīzā). When activated, Putotyra Combo using his Torikera Arm's Wind Stinger Horns to stab his opponents to stun them, while he uses his Ptera wings to freeze them immediatly after, and the Tyranno Leg's tail to finish them off by smashing them into frozen shards.
After the final battle against Kyoryu Greeed, Putotyra Combo is now lost forever when ten Purple Core Medals were shattered when they reached the event horizon of the Greeed-made black hole, overloading on the emptyness.

DSCF0037.jpgBurakawani Combo

  • Length: 198 cm.
  • Weight: 90 kg.
Ability Perimeters:
  • Punching power: 6 t.
  • Kicking power: 15 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: ?
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 5.8 seconds
Burakawani combo is Kamen Rider OOO's orange and reptilian Combo. It's Core Medals are the Cobra, Kame and Wani . Burakawani Combo is the movie-exclusive Combo in Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful: The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals. This Combo was lost forever when the alchemist Gara was defeated 800 years ago. Burakawani Combo's body is covered in a substance called Soma Venom (ソーマ・ヴェノム, Sōma Venomu), which makes him able to heal instantly after taking any attack. In the Burakawani Combo, Kamen Rider OOO's eyesight is doubled and gains infra-red vision, use the tutle shell-like Goura Guardner, and use the Saw Deadscythers on his legs to generate an energy crocodile, which chomps his enemies with every kick. In addition, he is armed with the Burangi, which lets him summon a giant cobra from the top of his head to attack enemies.
This Combo's Scanning Charge is the Warning Ride (ワーニングライド, Wāningu Raido) Rider Kick, where Kamen Rider OOO projects three orange rings in front of him before dashing through them in a foot-first slide before unleashing a powerful kick with the Saw Deadscythers.
"Burakawani" appears in official printed matirial regarding this combo.

Super Tatoba Combo

Super Tatoba.jpgSuper Tatoba Combo is Kamen Rider OOO's movie-exclusive combo in Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO Movie War Megamax. It is a more powerful version of Tatoba Combo accessed by the Super Medals. The colors of Super Tatoba are inverted compared to the original Tatoba Combo (meaning that he's mostly red, yellow and green and not black).
Super Tatoba Combo has the Super Taka Head, similar to the Taka Head Brave while in the Tajadol Combo, the longer and sharper Super Tora Solid tri-claws, and the spiked Super Batta Legs. This Combo's Scanning Charge finisher is a Rider Kick called the Super Tatoba Kick (スーパータトバキック Sūpā Tatoba Kikku), which is a more powerful version of the Tatoba Kick..

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